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Black and White Logos Rock!

Posted in Black & Whyte with tags , on January 31, 2008 by blackandwhyte

Black and white as colors are really cool, I think, and even more so when you add a touch of red. So from now on when ever I can find some free time I am going to search the world over to find my favorite colors and share with you all that I find that is black and white and red all over! Check out these really cool black and whyte (white) and red logo designs


Memory Suppliers

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It’s the New Year, did you remember to upgrade your memory? Well don’t worry if you didn’t that’s what I’m here for, to remind you to up grade your memory! I even know of the perfect place to find all the products for your memory needs. They offer more than just great products like memory for your laptop, digital flash cards, usb flash drives, hard drives, audio players and much more but also they offer quality customer service. Check out all of the great bonuses they offer like, “We’ll beat any quote by 10%”, their same day shipping policies and their 30 day money back guarantee.  So don’t forget about Memory Suppliers when you are in need of an upgrade, they are your “One Stop Memory Solutions Store!”

What’s Black and White and Red All Over?

Posted in Thoughts with tags , , on January 24, 2008 by blackandwhyte

Why the newspaper of course! I know I know that’s a really old joke but it is oh so realavant to todays world. Everyday our world is redefining itself and what was one black is no longer black and what was once white is no longer white. It’s all twisted and change to conform to the new world we live in, a place with a whole lot of gray!

Camping Life

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Last summer my family and I bought our first Jayco travel trailer and spent every waking moment we could up in the Tobacco Root Mountains. We fished, hiked, swam, played and relaxed. It was the best summer we ever had! We used to take a lot of day trips but there just wasn’t enough time for us to just sit back and relax, because we were always trying to get to our destination as fast as we can so we could we could mess around and then get home by dark. Well now we can take off Friday after work with our camper and come home Sunday night which gives us lots of time to do what ever our hearts desire. The next camping trip we have planned is a bit farther way. We hope to be taking off in March to go spend a month down in Arizona in a nice RV Park near the Grand Canyon. Until this last summer I never thought much about camping but now I can say we will be campers for life!