Not so Black and White Issue!

Here is my latest not so Black and White issue I need your help!


My best friend Kim is 41 years old and is considering breast enhancement. Her husband is ok with her decision and is even willing to pay for a surgery that is not covered by his insurance. How many guy do you know would say know to bigger breast, not many that I know of! So he is no help in my cause.


I told Kim that I think that she is going to regret getting this procedure but she is positive it will make her happy. I have a good reason for why I think she will regret this choice it’s because I am 5’2 and have small frame but I have a size D cup, and often time gives back pain and get really tired of all the male eyes that wander to my breast rather than my face, plus it is really hard to find clothes to fit they are either really tight or really baggy. I hate both looks! My friend is built completely different from me. She is 5’10, and has a much larger frame “She Is Not Fat Just Bigger Built” and she has a size C cup, so I guess it’s possible it won’t be as hard for her as it is for me, but I have my doubts.


The other problem I see is that she wants to increase her size C to a DD. I think that will be really too big, but she thinks going up one size is not enough.  I am trying to get some advice from other women or doctors who have personal experience in this area. I have been to several web sites that are filled with good info on breast surgery, like and and, but what I am really looking for is those personal stories of success and or disappointment.


I want to make sure my friend has all the facts before she goes through with this. Since my friend is usually a really conservative type person who seems to be suffering from a nasty case of mid life crisis, I think it won’t be long until she will wake up some day and be disappointed with her choice. So any helpful info you can give me would be much appreciated.




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