Red or Black Furniture?

In my home we own a red love seat and a red Recliner and even though I really like black and white, we do not own any white or black furniture. Mostly I would say that is because we have cream coloreds walls and carpets and so we add the red to make thinks pop!  The only other color of furniture we own is chocolate brown! We like that to mix with the red and cream. It makes things cozy for us! However; in out kitchen you will find a lot of red and black accents again the walls are cream and the floors and cabinets are an oak color. We feel these colors work well together in this room, along the lines of a more professional looking kitchen.  We our dilemma is that we are adding an addition on to the house a second living room for my boys and they really want it to be in red, black and white.  If you have read any of my other blogs you will know that I really like the colors red, black and white, but I am not sure I want a room dedicated to it.  But being fair to the boys’ opinion I am going to place some links to the furniture they are hoping we get plus a link to my choices. Please give me your opinions I would love to get some other input.  By the way my husband says he doesn’t care how we decorate as long as it looks nice, big help he is!

Wall Entertainment Center  – This is my choice

Entertainment Center – This is my boys’ choice.

Home Theater Recliner Set – This is my choice.

Home Theater Seating – This is the boys’ choice. 

In addition to the furniture we are looking at we will again have cream colored walls and floors. 

Thanks for your help! 


2 Responses to “Red or Black Furniture?”

  1. 29079815771747 Says:

    i know this is not helping much either, but


    they’re my favourite colours and i’m planning on redecorating my room in those colours. plus white, of course, you cant have just red and black.

  2. 29079815771747 Says:

    which is why i love ur website. NICE COLOUR CHOICE!

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