Easy Solutions Are Hard To Come By

I was out browsing on some fellow bloggers blogs’ looking to see what new business strategies or ideas were out there and ran across this blog, “You Have To Sell The Push Button Solution“.  Sadly this blog was talking about the way world in general expects thing to happen in life and in business. FAST, EASY and with VERY LITTLE INVESTMENT of MONEY!!!!Wow the writer Yaro Starak hit this one right on the mark, people really do expect a lot for a minimal amount of time and money.  Here is where my opinion differ from Yaro’s, my company has been in business for over 12 years now all of those years have been internet related,  evolving as the internet evolves from a Simple Web Design Firm to today where we can offer your company Complete Business Solutions.We have found in these many years of business that it is vital to inform your client of the truth. We refuse to tell the client that we have “The Magic Button” because there is no magic button with internet marketing. It takes time, work and money to achieve top positions in the search engines, this has never been an easy task and will only become more difficult and rigorous as the search engines continue to evolve and change their criteria to make the internet a web of information as was it’s first intended to be. It is our job and your job to not only tell the clients of what might lay ahead but to continually teach them about the process so they are not disappointed with slow but sure steps and are not disillusioned as to what it will take to get them where they want to be, “AT THE TOP”.  Monthly reports and articles are a couple of the ways we are able to keep our clients updated. This keeps them out of the dark and looking to the future. Plus we are always looking for new ways to help each and every client we have. We are not successful if they are not successful.Yes, Yes I know that there is still a huge percentage of people out there that want the quick and easy solutions, but those are the types of clients my company avoids. We usually have several conversations with a potential client informing them that marketing this is a long term commitment not just a quick and easy fix, if after all that they still want the quick and easy solution, we politely tell them we are not a good fit and don’t feel we are the company that can help them.  We have lost a lot of potential clients because of this practice but the ones we gain are long term and see the advantage to taking it slow and steady.Now I have to say that there are a couple of things that can get you moving a bit faster one of those is making sure that your company has a recognizable motto and or Logo.  You should also have a website that is inviting to the customers you are trying to target. You know the old saying, “You Can’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover”. Well that is not usually the case these days we live in a society where looks count first and everything else follows. The closest thing we have to a quick fix in internet marketing is Pay Per Click Advertising (Paid Advertising). This type of advertising brings immediate traffic right to your site but the catch is it’s generally an inexpensive route to take. But if it’s fast you are looking for this could be the answer for you. So yes today’s world wants things fast, easy and cheap, but that is not always possible if you want it done right. Easy solutions are hard to come by (mostly because they do not exist) and are generally not the most advantageous, but the hard solutions (the difficult, time consuming, and yes even more costly solutions) are easier to come by and produce a better long term result if you are patient enough to wait for it to happen.


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