Books Are This Girls Best Freind!

Yep you guessed it I love to read! And the great thing about reading other than the quiet time is that no matter what happens if I drop it in the tub or forget where I placed it, we can always take up where we left off! That is after I find it or it dries out!

But have you ever considred how much time and effort an author put into that little black and white paged book??  I have because I have recently be contemplating writing a book my self and I have found out form several of my author freinds that writing the book is the easy part.  The hard part is getting it published. So one of my frinds suggested I use this company when I get close to done and they will help me by, researching markets, requesting guidelines, preparing cover letters, tracking submissions plus the also help with proofreading your book, poems, short stories and even handle those oh so dreaded rejection letters.

So now I can start writing and let Writer’s Relief deal with the not so Black and White issues of  helping you find the publisher to publish your book!


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