Divorce Is Not Always Black and Whyte!

Recent polls show that the divorce rate is still on the increase. One might think that with how difficult and spendy a divorce is that you would want to avoid the whole messy thing. But I guess most people are not worried about all the paper work and stress that a divorce can cause weather you have children or not.

No divorce case is as easy as 1,2,3 these days nor are they ever black and white, who’s wrong and who’s right, there is never a clear line.

I remember when I was young and one of my uncles was getting a divorce. His wife was given custody of his three girls even though she was on anti-depressants and was hardly able to take care of her self.

It was a very hard thing for my uncle especially when my aunt decided to just up and move out of the state one day with the girls. I think my uncle could have handled that and would of made the appropriate arrangements so that he could see the girls but my aunt moved without telling any one even the courts.  Well after the police finally found my aunt in a neighboring state it took four more years of hearings and mistakes on my aunts part before my uncle was finally awarded full custody of his girls.

The sad thing was they were all young teenagers and their mother had turned them against him. So after only a couple of months when the oldest of the girls was 16 she ran away to live with her boy friend. No amount of threats from the police or her father could convince her to stay home and it took about three months before my cousin found her self pregnant, scared, boyfriendless and wanting to come home.

The above is an example of a bad divorce scenario.

Let me give you a better one, if there is such a thing.  

A couple of years ago a dear friend of mine discovered her husband was no longer in love with her and did not enjoy being a full time father.  But before they proceeded to a divorce right away they sought counseling.  Well after about 6 months of counseling even she realized that life might be better without her husband around.

So after both mutually agreeing to proceed with a divorce she found a great family law firm in New Jersey where the attorneys helped her come up with an agreement that made both parties happy. 

It still took about a year to finalize everything but now almost a year later she and the boys are very happy with their new life and seem to moving forward with their hopes and dreams of some day returning home to good old Montana. I Can’t wait to see them!


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