Where Is The Line Between Right and Wrong

Have you noticed the line between right and wrong is blurry? Not just in our homes where at least half of the marriages end up in a divorce because of unfaithfulness, abuse and negligence.  It seems to me that Hollywood and Sports Stars have become more and more oblivious to the line in recent years. Remember the days when the “Good Guys” wore White and the “Bad Guys” wore Black? It was easy to see the line between Right and Wrong, Black and White.

I guess the reason for this blog was to express my disappointment with recent developments in both our currant and future leadership as well as the recent escalation in bad behavior and actions by our Hollywood and Sports stars.

How is this new generation supposed to determine right from wrong when all they see and hear these days makes the line between them not so black and white? I think we need to make some major changes starting in our own homes if we want to help the new generation be able to distinguish between right and wrong.



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