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Stata Medical Device Training

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FDA Stata Medical Device TrainingToday’s medical device and diagnostic companies face increasing complexity, which has generated the growth of numerous specialties. Not only must marketing be able to think globally and act locally, but so must regulatory, quality, and manufacturing. Regulatory harmonization has resulted in requirements that are less prescriptive but more demanding in their interpretation and implementation.

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Medical Device Offerings


Saia – Gearmotors – High Torque

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Picture 2

Different Types Of SAIA Gear Motors

  • Rotary Actuator for alternating current (AC)
  • Rotary Actuator (AC) with 2 limit switches direct driven by a cam
  • Rotary Actuator for direct current (DC)
  • Rotary Actuator with integrated control electronics for step less positioning

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Saia Motors USA

Rayne of Phoenix

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Picture 1 Rayne of Phoenix provides Water Softener Systems and Reverse Osmosis Systems for rent or purchase for customers in the following areas:Avondale
Casa Grande
Cave Creek
El Mirage
Fountain Hills
Litchfield Park
Paradise Valley
Queen Creek
Sun City
Sun City West
Northern Arizona

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Rayne Water Of Phoenix

Business Process Management

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  • Can your organization easily sustain the gains it’s achieved from improvement projects?
  • Have your organization’s key business performance metrics shown meaningful change as a result of improvement initiatives?
  • Has your organization significantly enhanced its competitive position as a result of improvement activities?
  • Has your organization freed up a significant amount of cash to either reinvest in the enterprise or increase profitability?

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Oriel Inc. Business Process Management

Civil Unions VS. Domestic Partnerships

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The Three Most-Frequently Asked Questions About Civil Unions

  1. Are Civil Union Partners Afforded The Same Protections As Marriage Partners?
  2. What Is The Difference Between Domestic Partnerships And Civil Unions?
  3. How Do I End A Civil Union?

If you need answers to Domestic Partnership or Civil Unions contact the professional at: Salvaggio Law

North Pole Alaska!

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What’s Black and White and Red all Over?? The North Pole!

Well North Pole Alaska is in the winter. Because there is no light, a ton of snow and Santa is busy, busy, busy in his red suit!

I did not know if this one had ever been told but it came to me the other night while visiting with my best friend we both laughed and wondered if we had just created a new “Black and White Joke”, well whether we did or didn’t it was new to us! By the way I hope to make it to North Pole Alaska someday I’ll let you know if I see Santa!

What’s Black and White and ???

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Let me tell you a joke I heard from my nephew!

Q:  What is black and white, white and black, black and white?

A:  A zebra caught in a revolving door!!

I thouth this was very sweet!