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Oddball Tees – “Shirts so nice you’ll want to hang ’em.”

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Our shirts are All Original. Check ’em out!

Founded buy two friends, one, a director living inLos Angeles; the other, an entrepreneur living in Denver.

These are the most comfortable shirts on the planet.

You buy a shirt, we plant a tree in your honor.


Camping Life

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Last summer my family and I bought our first Jayco travel trailer and spent every waking moment we could up in the Tobacco Root Mountains. We fished, hiked, swam, played and relaxed. It was the best summer we ever had! We used to take a lot of day trips but there just wasn’t enough time for us to just sit back and relax, because we were always trying to get to our destination as fast as we can so we could we could mess around and then get home by dark. Well now we can take off Friday after work with our camper and come home Sunday night which gives us lots of time to do what ever our hearts desire. The next camping trip we have planned is a bit farther way. We hope to be taking off in March to go spend a month down in Arizona in a nice RV Park near the Grand Canyon. Until this last summer I never thought much about camping but now I can say we will be campers for life!